Saturday, November 12, 2016

Episode 16: Fort Wilderness

Howdy, y'all! In this episode we are alllllll about Fort Wilderness lyfe.  As campers in our non-Disney lives, and members of an elite 80's Fort Wilderness Secret Society, we have a special place in our hearts for this "off the beaten path" resort.

Laura and Alison describe their fond memories for camping here as little kids roughin' it with Chip 'n Dale and even a little Andrew hung out here hittin' up the Hoop Dee Do Revue as a youngin'.

Remember the Melvin the Moose breakfast? Well Alison informs Laura they have never actually been to the HDD Revue and have been LIVING A LIE THIS WHOLE TIME.

Guess what? We've got TWO Roundups in this Episode, though the management over at Andy's Roundup has sent multiple cease and desist letters.

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