Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Episode 15: Cast Member Story Time

Gather 'round everyone as Andrew and Laura relive their WDW College Program experience. You're in for some crazy and super fun behind the scenes stories from the perspective of those who worked the front lines at WDW. 

Andrew takes you deep within the burning trenches of what it's like to work strollers at EPCOT. You'll also be surprised to learn that you don't need to provide your own Segway when headed to Segway training.

Laura describes what it's like to work an overnight shift at the largest retail Disney store in the world. And learn where you can find the ABC's of the WOD: Ariel's Attic, Belle's Basement, and Cinderella's Closet. 

Of course, Marge makes a special appearance to announce her debut on Twitter. Check her out at: @mainmaidmarge

We close episode with another exciting Andy's Roundup where we answer the age old question: "What's your dream job in WDW?". We also answer this question for Alison in her absence :)

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