Saturday, September 17, 2016

Episode 8: Front vs. Back: The Ultimate Showdown

Ladies and Gentleman, Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuuuuuumble!!!!

This Episode we do something totally different and super fun; we have a proper, high school style debate team debate! Well, we're not sure if it is a debate, or, a boxing match, or, a case in the Court of Disney, or what! But we do know, this is a very serious topic and a very divisive issue.  

Laura argues for #TeamBack while Alison argues #TeamFront; Andrew plays moderator and tries to stay neutral.  Oh...and impressions!

Andy's Roundup brings Dante's Inferno alive with another tough, topical question as usual.  

Correction from Episode 7: Brad Rex was the Vice President of Epcot when Andrew was given the award, not the President.  

Ding, Ding!

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