Saturday, September 10, 2016

Episode 7: Costuming and The Disney Look

We have been dishing out a lot of history and research-based episodes lately so we decided to chill out a little with a fun conversation on Costumes and The Disney Look.

Laura provides the background and details on what exactly is "The Disney Look" and we all share descriptions of the costumes we wore when we worked as Cast Members.  Follow us on Instagram for a photo journal throughout the week accompanying this episode and featuring some of the fun things we talked about! Who doesn't want to see how cute we were in our costumes?!

Don't forget Andy's Roundup :)

Everybody neat and pretty? Then on with the show!

*Quick pre-correction, it seems as if The Jungle Book: Alive With Magic has not ended completely, but switched to a much less frequent schedule of performances.  We really Baloo this.

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