Sunday, August 6, 2017

Episode 52: Enchanted Tiki Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, come with us to a world of joyous songs and wondrous miracles—Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Our siestas are getting are getting chorter and chorter. But not our episodes...those are getting longer and longer! Come join us for a Touch of Mark, even more attempts at 90's movie quotes, (it's kind of our thing, now) some luxurious plumage, a Grade A Beef with Under New Management and more tiki and bird puns than you might expect.  
During this episode, our ‘ohana shares laughter, stories, memories of some of our dead pets, Co-Ed Naked Tiki-ing, and we try to remember the words to the junkyard song from The Brave Little Toaster (I was in the Indy 500). And nothing brings out some of our favorite childhood memories like the purple smooze from the My Little Pony movie! So from our ‘ohana to yours, we invite you to enjoy this episode of the Philharpodcast with all our greatest hits: Hacienda Colorado, Almond Joy's Got Nuts, "Like a Dolllllls Eye", and of course we can't forget: "He Ain't Closing ME DOWN!" Aloha!

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