Sunday, June 25, 2017

Episode 46: Backlot Tour

Step through the gate of the Disney-MGM Philharpodcast Studios and enter a working movie and podcast Production Center. Your stay will include an in-depth look at live action movies and television, a lengthy discussion on the career choices of Gary Sinise & Tom Hanks, a poppin' off rendition of songs from the full length animated feature, Anastasia, and a unique opportunity to visit Disney animators working on their newest featurettes just before they inject all of them into Epcot.

Please Note: This 2-hour guided tour (yes, 2 hour tourrrrrrr) involves an hour of walking and listening to crazy people ramble, make bad jokes and bizarre movie references. Restroom facilities are available at the shuttle station before you embark on your journey and at the start of your walking tour.


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