Saturday, April 15, 2017

Episode 37: The Happiest Celebration on Earth (2005-2006)

Welcome to the Happiest Podcast on Earth! Well, maybe not, but we are very happy to present this week's episode: The Happiest Celebration on Earth! A worldwide celebration, though of course we focus on the WDW events, to celebrate the anniversary of Disneyland, the Happiest Celebration on Earth brought some great things, some not-so-great things, and A LOT OF GOLD to WDW.  Join us as we learn all about this 18 month event, look back on Laura & Andrew's college program (they were there!), and wonder why there have been no recent castle adornments to rival the grand, gold MIRROR!


Correction Section: (Already?!) Club 33 is way more expensive and exclusive than I describe, if you can imagine...that's all you need to know (hahah).

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